Pet-Friendly Housing

Your furry, feathered and scaled friends might make life worth living, but they sure don’t make life easier — particularly if you do not own your own home. Rental companies, landlords and condominium associations are notoriously strict about pets, and you may struggle toward the right rental fit for you and Fido. Even if the property in question is a home with a yard large enough for your breed of animal, outright refusals, restrictions and fees await you. Get ready to get busy — and sometimes creative — with your search.

Why No Pets?

Many hard-line pet restrictions on rental properties are not necessarily unfair to pet owners, or are a mark against animals themselves. Individual landlords may even love pets, but previous experiences with irresponsible pet owners forced a tough decision. When you apply for a rental, you must also fight the memory of every previous pet owner.

Some …

The Mid-Century Modern Design Trend

One of the most popular trends in home decor and design style right now is Mid-Century Modern, sometimes referred to as “Mid-Century Mod” or “MCM.” Mid-Century Mod has taken the design world by such a storm that its popularity has even thrown a number of vintage and antique dealers for a loop, unable to keep enough of it in stock for hungry buyers.

Nostalgia is a big part of what’s driving the trend, with Generation Xers longing for the things they remember fondly from childhood. And what can evoke more warm feelings than memories of Grandma and Grandpa’s house?

What is Mid-Century Modern?

According to collecting website Inherited Values, “Loosely applied, the term can mean anything made in the middle of the last, or 20th, century, usually 1940-1960. But more aptly, the term applies to a design aesthetic which embraces the marriage between function and form — with a …