Tips for extending the life of your geyser


Water heater is an appliance that works 24×7 to provide hot water for your family throughout the winter. Now even though, we would love for it to work continuously without any tire and without requiring any assistance or maintenance, the reality is quite the opposite. Geysers like any other electrical appliance will require maintenance and must be used properly else the life of the device can get significantly short due to negligence. So tips and tricks in using and maintaining the geyser can go a long way in prolonging the life of the geyser. Given below are some of these methods.

1) Monitoring and cleaning the Pressure Valve

Water heaters are equipped with a temperature-pressure release valve also known as the T &P valve which helps in building the safety of the geyser. This valve helps in releasing pressure by opening when there is too much pressure and in …

Keeping Your Food Fresh!

There is simply nothing better than knowing that you have food in your refrigerator that you can get to whenever you need to. Sometimes just knowing that you have so fresh, crisp food waiting for you to partake in it in your refrigerator can subdue your appetite. There are times when you can think of your food and basically see it right where you put it in your refrigerator. The feeling that you when you can see yourself eating the food that you have made or purchased… the feeling that comes over you when you know that soon you will be eating exactly what you want with a strong peace that you will be able to take your time and slowly consume your food enjoying every single morsel that you have… but when you get home you’re completely devastated… your refrigerator has gone out and you have to throw everything …

The World’s Biggest Freezer

For most of us, a freezer doesn’t do anything more than give us a convenient source of ready meals or allow us to store the produce from our gardens or allotments to tide us over the winter.

But in industrial applications, freezers do much more than that. Processes such as blast-freezing, for example, allow large quantities of food to be frozen quickly, ensuring that it reaches the shops or restaurants in peak condition.


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Freezing on a large scale, however, doesn’t come much bigger that that taking place at the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) being built in the south of France. ITER is a fusion reactor, and if it’s successful the technology could solve most of the world’s energy problems, and without producing harmful radioactive waste.

Hotter Than the Sun

Bottle coolers and conventional freezers from suppliers such as  Fridge Freezer Direct  may well keep things cold, but …