How Pune Real Estate Developed From A Simple Living To Growth

Pune was once a place where quality of life and living were one word, but that scenario has changed over the years. Back in those years, it did not matter much where one chooses to buy the property in as all the locations in Pune offering more or less the safe lifestyle and rates which were suitable for a peaceful family life.

The changes that have been bought in the city show that the Pune property guide is worth a look for those who are making an investment here. When one is making a purchase there are a few things that must be considered such as levels of traffic, congestions, pollution, the availability of basic facilities such as water, electricity and the quality of neighborhood.

Change in Pune real estate

The self sufficient city of Pune started a great demand with industrial development in the city. Let’s check Kothrud for example, this area of Pune suburb was one of the first places to have developed after the old city. After all these years, this place is still preferred as a desirable area due to its strong connection with the center of the city. In fact, Kothrud is even mentioned in the Guinness Book of World records to have been one of the fasted grown urban towns in the world.

The Area started the development in the 90’s and it was back then looked as a pensioners town where people would like to settle down due to affordable life and comfortable facilities with lesser traffic and quietness. The people from Mumbai who would like to buy the property in this city would look at Kothrud just because of the naturally accelerated rate of development.

The year 2000 and onwards bought the IT industry to town and began a new Journey for Pune. The place of Kothrud, was already established as residential destination and thus the areas such as banner, Viman Nagar, Aundh became the recipient of the new developments.

PimpriChichwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has also shown a great development and is has seen a lot of investment in the years as there are facilities that are preferred and real estate success here is palpable. The Pune property guide shows that someone who is looking to make an investment should look at the developments and the basic amenities in Pune and make a move. The central city is cramped up and since the connectivity is great the suburb developments are the place one should look at.