Know All You Can About Furniture Shopping Now

How comfortable are you buying furniture? With so many options, prices and designs, how are you supposed to choose? Continue reading for some stellar tips about furniture shopping.

If you are buying previously owned furniture, test the items out to make sure they are stable. Sometimes, older furniture appears to be in great shape when it actually is not. Dry rot and rust commonly occur on furniture that’s older.

When you buy outdoor furniture, be sure they’re good quality. Every weld should be thoroughly examined to ensure they aren’t weak. If any seem weak, don’t buy the furniture. You want outdoor furniture that can withstand the elements.

Never hesitate to negotiate on furniture prices. Furniture shops typically have massive markups on items and are therefore able to lower prices significantly when you negotiate. If you don’t like to barter, seek out an experienced friend or family member to come along …

How to Clean a Rental Property Before You Move Out

When leaving an apartment or home as a tenant to live elsewhere, a lot of preparation goes into the effort. Between properly packing all items in order to keep them organised and setting up the utilities at the new place, a lot can be forgotten. Financially-speaking, most people do not forget about the deposit that was likely paid at the time of moving in to the original unit. Depending on the landlord and the location, there may be strict requirements that have to be met in order for the deposit to be refunded. Below, we’ve put together a check-list on how to clean a rental property before you move out – ensuring you get back the full deposit.



The bathroom can be a perfect place for moisture, mildew and other unsightly materials to build up in condos in Montreal (and other humid climates), so it only makes sense to …