How to Clean a Rental Property Before You Move Out

When leaving an apartment or home as a tenant to live elsewhere, a lot of preparation goes into the effort. Between properly packing all items in order to keep them organised and setting up the utilities at the new place, a lot can be forgotten. Financially-speaking, most people do not forget about the deposit that was likely paid at the time of moving in to the original unit. Depending on the landlord and the location, there may be strict requirements that have to be met in order for the deposit to be refunded. Below, we’ve put together a check-list on how to clean a rental property before you move out – ensuring you get back the full deposit.



The bathroom can be a perfect place for moisture, mildew and other unsightly materials to build up in condos in Montreal (and other humid climates), so it only makes sense to begin your cleaning efforts here. Any tiles in the bathroom – as well as the shower and tub itself – will need to be bleached and cleaned with a soap scum and mildew remover. Be sure to scrub the toilet with a cleaning agent, then give it a good wipe down with a paper or cloth towel. Polish the faucets and then make sure to remove any dirt or debris from the sink. Lastly, clean the mirror in the bathroom and be sure to sweep the floor (after you have bleached/mopped it) in order to leave the room in good condition.


The kitchen can be the dirtiest room in the home, due to the amount of food that is prepared and served within it. In order to get it as clean as possible, start out by wiping down the cabinets and drawers – inside and out. Disinfect the countertops and make sure that no food is left caked on any of the surfaces. From here, move on to the appliances and fixtures: clean out the refrigerator and stove (if they are to stay in the unit), ensure the dishwasher is clean and then give a good polish to the sink, faucet and knobs/handles on the cabinets. Finish up the cleaning process with a good sweep.

Throughout the Home

All rooms will inevitably need to be cleaned, but the kitchen and bathroom are often the troublemakers. With these rooms done, you’ll now need to focus on sweeping/vacuuming the remaining rooms in the home to remove dirt and debris. Dust surfaces and fixtures, as this will take no time and all and go a long way toward pleasing your landlord. Be sure to remove any nails or tacks from the wall and putty them so that there are no visible holes (this is one of several common reasons for deposits to be deducted). If any of the baseboards, light switches or outlets are dirty, give them a quick scrub. Give the windows a quick wipe-down and you’re practically done!


Cleaning a rental property upon moving out does not have to be an overwhelming chore. When it is broken down by the room, it is actually quite manageable. The act of leaving a clean property free of damage will provide you with the ability to recoup the deposit for your new location (or have a little extra spending money if you don’t need a deposit), so the extra work is definitely worth the effort!