Fort Lee Apartments for Rent – Get the Facts


Apartments in Fort Lee are situated in the Northern Part of New Jersey. Most of the young professionals prefer living in Fort Lee apartments saying that they promote suburban lifestyle.  When talking of facts, know that these apartments are in the leafy area creating a lively aura. There is more to talk about facts on Fort Lee apartments

Proximity to Manhattan

As already said, most of the occupants of these apartments are young professionals working in Manhattan. The advantage of staying in Fort Lee is that if you are working in Manhattan you can easily commute and get there on time. You might ask why someone would not live in Manhattan where their jobs are located. The question is why would they do so yet Fort Lee has very beautiful apartments and reaching work place is within minutes? Maybe that would intrigue you to have an apartment for rent in Fort Lee, NJ.

The community

You would like to live around a community that is friendly to you. The community living in Fort Lee happens to be a neighborhood that is family friendly contributed with the fact that there are very good schools to accommodate young children. One of the schools even managed to get national honors from education departments. It is important to take note that various communities from different races live together in the same neighborhood. Majority of them are Asians even living in rental apartments in Bergen County.


Commuting to cities or towns close to Fort Lee is quite easy because transport is readily available. There are those who like to take the subway line while others use New Jersey bus. Anyone contemplating on renting or buying an apartment in Fort Lee is assured of ready transportation not to mention taxi. Driving across New York City can be accessed through Washington Bridge.

Commercial area

Even people who would like to put a business in one of the Fort Lee apartments stand a chance. Businesses would do well because of the population of the estate and other forms of commercial activities. Actually, you can easily spot businesses locally owned and a numbers of operating restaurants. Living in a neighborhood that engage in businesses enables you to have the potential of growing economically. Have time to look at and identify related apartments that you can rent and use for commercial purposes.