Keep Rodents out of your Home with these Tips

A rodent invasion can turn your home into a nightmare no matter how elegant it is. These little animals hide in all sorts of weird places including the attic, under concrete porches, wall voids, burrows, in the foundation and so on. Tough luck getting them from there.


They’re very cautious of new things in their habitat, and often manage to avoid traps and baits.

Rats and mice are the most common rodents at home. They reproduce fast; if you don’t deal with them right away you could soon be staring at a full blown invasion. In addition to being a nuisance, they harbor and transmit diseases, and can also bring parasites like ticks and fleas.

Here are some measures that will help you keep the rodents at bay:

1.         High Hygiene Standards

Rodents are easily attracted and retained by a dirty disorganized house. The kitchen is the most vulnerable spot. The dirt here refers to food remains that may be on the floor, sink and kitchen counters. If this is the status of your house, the rodents can be assured of a feast every time they sneak out of their hideouts, mostly under cover of the dark.

Make a habit of cleaning up especially before you go to bed. Dispose the left-over food and store the rest in sealed containers. Wipe all the food articles around.

Remember the rodents can also invade your garbage bags. Keep them tightly sealed. Cover water containers as well. Once the rodents begin to starve, your house will no longer be attractive. Keep the house well organized to reduce the hiding areas.

2.         Keep the Compound Tidy

The garden is also a prime hiding area for rats and mice, from where they sneak into the house for food and water. If your compound is littered with debris, litter, damaged equipment, used furniture and so on, the rodents will have plenty of room to hide.

Get rid of what you don’t need, repair what you can and keep the rest organized. If you’re overwhelmed by the clutter, you can call a cleaning service for help. The hedges, grass and trees should be trimmed, particularly those in contact with the house.

If you have firewood, keep it at a distance from the house, on an elevated surface. Such a tidy compound is unattractive to the rodents and they’re likely to disappear.

3.         Inspect the Drainage System

Rodents can access your house through some awkward spaces, and the drainage system is one of them. Some rats and mice are well able to swim and will come in through water-filled pipes. Check for breakages and repair them appropriately.

You can also install metal rodent guards which contain fine mesh which keeps the rodents out. Pay special attention to pipes which lead to the basement, which is a prime hiding spot for rodents.

4.         Check your Roof

The rats and mice are fond of creating their home up there, since it’s hardly disturbed. The many elements of the roof provide plenty of space to hide. You need to examine the chimney, ventilators and shingles for holes that can allow in rodents.

If you’re not familiar with these components, feel free to invite an expert to assist you. While at it, an attic cleaning service would be a great idea to further reduce the hiding spaces.


Do not allow a rodent invasion to wreck your home. Take preventive measures while you still can. If they’re already present, the above measures will go a long way in kicking them out once and for all.