An Essential List of Things You Need to Do to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

When we sleep well, we automatically feel it. We are more energised in the morning, we have the right attitude, and we tend to be more productive and efficient. But the opposite is also true – if we don’t sleep well, we tend to be moody, we feel less alert, and we can’t seem to focus on whatever it is we have to do. If you’re tired of waking up exhausted because you didn’t sleep well or didn’t sleep enough, then this is for you: an essential list of things you need to do today to get a good night’s sleep.

Remember: the bedroom is the bedroom

Many of us tend to use our bedrooms for other purposes, such as a place where we work, where we watch television, and even where we eat. This shouldn’t be the case if you want to sleep well at night. Do away with making your bedroom an ‘all-around’ room. Make it for sleeping only. By making sure all distractions in the bedroom are removed, you can have a better sleep.


Sleep alone

If you are sleeping in the bedroom along with children or pets, stop this immediately. In a study, it was shown that pets being in the same room with their owners whilst their owners slept had a detrimental effect on the owner’s sleep – by as much as 53%! Pets, as well as children, do not sleep very soundly, and can end up waking you up. This is even truer if they sleep in the same bed. If you can, have your pets or children sleep in another room or in their own rooms, and keep your bed to your spouse and you, or just for yourself.

Forget your anxieties

You may think that forgetting your anxieties right before going to bed is easier said than done, but it definitely is. What you can do is this: write down whatever it is you have to do the next day; make a list of your most important tasks. Once you make a list, your mind will be eased and you can begin to relax.

Make your bedroom as comfortable as possible

Whilst it’s important to remove distractions and disturbances from your bedroom, it’s also important to make sure that your bedroom is comfortable. First, make sure you have a comfortable bed and mattress. The wrong mattress can literally make you toss and turn for hours on end. Investing in a good mattress is essential. So is investing in comfortable bed linen. The linen you choose should contribute to a good sleep. Satin sheets, for example, are always cool and comfortable, and can definitely make you feel cosy and relaxed. High quality fabrics are a better option if you want to start sleeping better. After all, it’s your health and sanity at stake! Sleep well tonight.

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