How to Make Sure You Get Top Dollar for your Home

When it comes to selling your home, it is the market that will end up setting the price you ask and ultimately get for it. However, within that market set price there is often quite a bit of fluctuation where you do have control, and you can have an impact. Even if you have just a small budget to work with, there are some quick and inexpensive steps you can take that will help you to get top dollar for your home.


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Clean the Inside and Outside of the Home

Because a first impression is everything, you want to make sure you set the right one. This means making sure your home is spotless both inside and out. People are quick to tidy the inside, but often forget about the exterior and just how important curb appeal is.

You can take time to tidy up the garden and clear/cut back anything that is overgrown. Touch up paint that may be peeling, and give all the windows a thorough cleaning. You may even want to hire a company such as Clean and Clear Window Cleaning, as they can reach those second-story windows that you shouldn’t attempt on your own. They can also get the job done much faster.

Remove Personal Effects

If your home is loaded with family pictures and personal effects, it’s time to box them up. While these items are special to you and your loved ones, they just don’t have a spot when it comes to staging your home. Professional stagers recommend you replace all these items with inexpensive art work. You can even pick up items at garage sales that will work in your home.

You want to essentially create a blank slate so that the people walking through your home can envision themselves there, not be met with your pictures in every room.

The Power of Mirrors

Mirror plays an essential role when it comes to staging your home. Mirrors are able to instantly brighten up a room and even make it feel larger. They should be strategically placed, the right size, and the right style for the space. You can always take these mirrors with you to your new home and use them for the same purposes.

It’s Time to De-Clutter

Simply cleaning your house isn’t usually enough as usually the space needs a substantial de-cluttering as well. You don’t want buyers seeing a kitchen counter full of utensils, appliances, and clutter because it gives the illusion of the space being too small to house all the necessary items. Clutter makes a space feel confined, smaller, and just not clean.

When it comes to de-cluttering you want to be ruthless and clear everything you possibly can. You can box the items up and store them in a rental locker, at a family member’s house, or any other place you can find.

Investing the Work Will Pay Off

By investing a little time and work into cleaning and clearing the space inside and outside your home, you will be creating that perfect first impression that earns you top dollar.