10 Ways To Keep A Neat And Tidy Home For The Frustrated Home Owner

If you are anything like me, you will find yourself often envious of other people’s homes with their manicured lawns, gleaming and pristine kitchens and the fresh smell of polish which makes any home inviting and a pleasure to be in.

In fact, we often find our homes are representations of our lives. Calm clean exteriors can help us feel relaxed after a hard day at work, or proud to invite friends and family back to. However, getting there from a dishful of unwashed dishes, a mountain of clothes and cluttered cupboards can feel an impossible task.

I find it often comes to motivation. Some people find nothing more enjoyable than spending time cleaning there surfaces and hoovering, whilst the unmotivated it can often be a chore that is put off until you can take no more. As someone in the latter category, I have read no-end of books, watched …