How to Keep Your Family Safe During Tick Season

In certain parts of the United States, tick protection is absolutely necessary for keeping you and your family and pets safe. Sadly, small black-legged nymph ticks often carry Lyme Disease, which can be a debilitating autoimmune disease that you could carry for the rest of your life.

What Ticks Look Like

The first thing that you should know about tick protection is what a tick looks like. You may have had ticks on or around you and now even known it, or you may have never seen one before. You should know the basic description of a tick so that you can be prepared either way.

Ticks that may carry Lyme Disease are tiny. Some are as small as a poppy seed. But ticks grow, and when they attach to a human or animal, they can grow to outstanding sizes because they are filling their small abdomens with blood …