How energy efficient is sleep mode feature in your ceiling fan?

Fans have had a very long history and they have evolved greatly from being introduced for the first time for the general public in the 20th century. These devices have come a long way on the road of evolution and not only have they evolved but also, they have developed themselves or have demarcated themselves into various categories. Earlier we didn’t used to have so many categories of fan but today we have the table fan, ceiling fan, exhaust fan, wall mount fan etc. and a few other categories as well.

Fans have become lighter from what they used to be when they were introduced. When they were introduced they used to be very bulky and heavy and these were the devices which were a nuisance to carry around and the major reason why the portable fans were not an initial success on their very first few years of launching. These fans gradually due to the constant research and experimenting have changed greatly and now are very light devices. Nowadays the portable fans are a success. They have proved to be very useful in household and especially useful at places of gathering.

Not only have the electrical fans gotten lighter but they have also become energy efficient in terms of airflow to current consumption ratio. The electric fan which was used in the 20th century was bulky and had older components which were themselves not energy efficient. These devices when they were studied, experimented and researched upon they were made better and more energy efficient. This has made the electric fan rather a very energy efficient device. These have come from being a major electricity consuming device to very low consumption devices.

Due to the recent developments in these devices they have become much more energy efficient have also a little more consumer friendly or user friendly. These devices have started to take in use the brushless DC motors or the BLDC motors. The BLDC motors have very low energy consumption because they have very low losses of energy during their operation and this leads to more efficiency. When the BLDC motors are used in the fans they have higher speed and lower energy or electricity intake which leads to a very much better airflow to energy consumption ratio.

The BLDC motors come with an electronic sub part. A small controlling motherboard is required with the BLDC motors and this is the reason due to which the speed of the BLDC motors can be controlled very easy and there in no requirement of the variable resistance. Due to the presence of the electronic motherboard few features like the sleep mode, timer mode and speed control are given in the BLDC fans. the question that arises in the minds of the consumer is that how much is the sleep mode efficient? Well when the sleep mode is turned on the fan keeps on gradually decreasing its speed at a very slow rate and since this is BLDC motors the reduction in current does not come through the variable resistance the current intake has been decreased from the main supply which leads to reduction in power consumption from the normal conditions and thus the sleep mode is very efficient in comparison to the normal working of the fan.  Check this out for energy efficient BLDC ceilings.