How To Prepare For NEET 2017

The board exams are almost over and students are now looking towards the entrance exams looming ahead. With barely enough time to recover from the boards, they now have to battle time in order to best prepare for the exams that might very well define the rest of their lives. With NEET 2017 just less than two months away, medical aspirants are hoping to pump up their NEET preparation to get into the best medical colleges in the country. As one of them, you must also be striving hard to get into your dream college. But are you doing enough? Do you have the proper direction to achieve what you aspire?

Looking back at students’ performances over the years, Embibe experts have observed that when it comes to preparing for NEET (previously known as AIPMT), a majority of the students tend to score very well in Biology, less in Chemistry and even lesser in Physics. Every mark counts; ergo, every subject matters. So what you need is a guide to finding a balance in preparing all the 3 subjects to be followed by a solid plan to execute.

The following are detailed instructions that are formulated keeping in mind the current NEET exam pattern, syllabus, marking scheme, etc. to ensure their relevance. Let’s go through each one and see how they can help you crack NEET 2017!


Syllabus knowhow

Let’s face it – if you don’t know what’s coming, how can you prepare yourself to face it? The first step, therefore, is to get to know the entire NEET exam syllabus. If you haven’t by now, it’s way past time that you should. This way you can identify the important chapters and topics to help you narrow down the scope of studying to do.

Get the complete syllabus for NEET 2017 here.

Study material

When it comes to learning and understanding concepts, formulas and derivations, reactions and solving numericals, NCERT is your right-hand man. It has been observed that almost all questions from previous years were asked from NCERT books. Revise it thoroughly before you even attempt to refer to other books.

Find out which are the best books for NEET preparation 2017.

Revision strategy

Facing exams headlong without thorough revision on the same is a brave but silly thing to do. You need to revise and practice over and over again, especially on the important chapters and concepts that are frequently asked. This will give you the edge you need to sit for the exams.

Looking back

Now, to get acquainted with the important chapters and most frequently asked concepts in NEET exam, you need to be familiar with the previous 5-10 years’ papers. In order to familiarize yourself with them, you need to dig deep down and practice solving each one of them. This is one of the top tips to crack NEET.

Looking forward

Taking mock tests is your ultimate step to determine how ready you are to face the exams. After thoroughly brushing up on the entire NEET syllabus 2017, you must take mock tests that you can take up at different stages during your preparations as it will help you evaluate your preparation level and improve your performance.

The instructions above on how to prepare for NEET will help you find yourself on the right track to get into that dream college of yours!